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SKREAM + MC Sgt Pokes --> Venerdì 14 Maggio 2010 @ Brancaleone Roma

il 14 Maggio 2010 - Segnalato da Evilsound Prod.

via levanna 13
cap 00141
Roma entry 10 euro

SKREAM + MC Sgt Pokes --> Venerdì 14 Maggio 2010 @ Brancaleone Roma VENERDI 14 MAGGIO 2010 ---> EVILSOUND presenta

Finalmente ce l'abbiamo fatta!!!

Abbiamo il piacere di potervi presentare l'attuale dj producer DUB STEP più forte al mondo!!!! SKREAM!!! Divenuto uno delle colonne portanti del movimento dubstep londinese. Collaborazione del calibro di BENGA, HATCHA... TEMPA è oramai divenuta uno dei centri focali per la musica DUB STEP.

Dopo avervi presentato BENGA ( a settembre dell'anno sorso) abbiamo finalmente l'occasione di farvi ascoltare SKREAMMMM!!!!!


**** SKREAM (Tempa) UK ****


LosdosPesados - Neuro Funk Set

MLFX - Drum 'n Bass Set

MUSH - Dubstep set

CHOUL SOO - Dubstep set

Visual by: DIONEA

10 euro


Via Levanna 13

Indicazioni per raggiungere il Brancaleone club:

Dalle autostrade sia da sud che da nord:
uscire sul G.R.A. e prendere uscita Nomentana (uscita 11) direzione centro città.
Proseguire per 5,3 km verso il centro girare a sinistra in Via Levanna (a piedi in quanto dalla nomentana è contromano).

Mezzi Pubblici:
da Termini: Bus n° 90 (fermata Sempione proseguire su via nomentana per 500 m) e il servizio

notturno Bus n° N4 da Sempione fino a Via Nomentana altezza via Santa Costanza e N13 da Nomentana Santa Costanza a Stazione Termini.


Skream, alias di Oliver Jones, e’ un ragazzo inglese che si puo’ gia’ annoverare tra i produttori inglesi piu’ importanti e prolifici. A 15 anni ha iniziato a fare musica e dopo 5 anni ha cambiato il corso della urban music del Regno Unito, contribuendo alla formazione del genere musicale piu’ eccitante di Londra:la dubstep.

Contatti Evilsound Production:

Twitter: Evilsound Events
Facebook Profile: Evilsound Roma
Facebook Fan: Evilsound Production


Meet Skream: Croydon's musical wonderkid. At 15 he discovered making music. Five years later he's changed the course of UK urban music, having helped build the foundations of London's most exciting new musical style, dubstep. But he's barely started yet: because light now, Skl-eam is an artist on fire.

Skream's story begins in Croydon, in secondary school year 11. He wasn't getting on with teachers and they weren't getting on "vith him: but he was getting on with his music. But two fiiendships cemented then would start him onto the path to musical success,

First he met Benga, another talented Croydon kid who was starting to make music. Then he met Hatcha, soon to be one of the most influential and pioneering DJs in urban music. Around 2000 Benga and Skream set about building on the early dark garage flavours that were to be found on the pirate ail-waves around Croydon. Through Hatcha's sets at club Forward» and releases on the seminal Big Apple label, they were about to create a new phase of dubstep.

At first Skream specialised in one flavour of dubstep: dark. His clipped, techy minimal style became a trademark sound. Long before grime existed, it reflected dark murky streets and sinister nights, the sound of decaying London and its fillstrated communities, stuck out in satellite towns and sink estates with nothing but a PC and freely available sofu.vare to channel their fi1.1stration into. Stuck in front of a PC for days on end, that's exactly what Skream did.

Then two years ago Digital Mystikz burst onto the dubstep scene, expanding the sound with new flavours and vivid colours. Skream became even more inspired, It not like he wasn't prolific already rumour has it he's made over 1500 tracks - but out poured a host of bright new tracks fi-om the wonderkid. Indian remix took him into tI-ippy Asian ten-itories, Cheeky... into Arabia, his unreleased mixes of Sunship fused Jamaican dancehall smut with hooky Kraftwerk melodies. "Smiling Face" broke out cheerful reggae skanks on dancet100rs.

But his biggest tune was yet to come. Enter Midnight Request Line - on Tempa records - an anthemic explosion of electI-o arpeggios and dub sub-bass. It's a tune you can sing along to: Skream has it as his own ringtone. When it got dropped by DJ Youngsta at club Forward» grime dons Wiley, Jammer and the rest of Roll Deep began to shock out, flashing their lighters out of hard earned respect. The flip of this mighty release is bassline boomer "1," an excursion into deep dub basslines and shifting cinematic textures.

***Since the huge success of Midnight Request Line UK & International DJ gigs have been coming thick and fast, with Skream getting a rapturous response at New York's rammed Dub War event as well as at shows in Leeds, Belgium, Blistol & Germany. He's also been busy releasing classic after classic on the popular Skreamizm EPs, now into the second volume. From the Amen heavy linse out of Lightning Dub.
to the masterclass in LFO-wobbling sub-bass BlipstI-eam, these tracks are rewound at every dubstep rave, have received glowing reviews and are appearing in sets by DJs as diverse as Mr SCl1.lff, Freq Nasty & Ricardo Villalobos,***

It shouldn't come as any surprise he likes sub-bass, Skream has grown up around it. His older brother was a member of Croydon's not Olious jungle hell-raising raving outfit Intanatty Crew, which featured Radio l's Groovelider and Bailey's 1Xtra as members. Ollie, Skream's real name, is no stranger to a bit of hell raising himself, famous for his up-for-it behaviour at parties or out on the town. In fact he's the only known music artist with a subdued alter-ego. Most rock stars are quiet by day with flamboyant alter-egos. Our wonderkid is the other way around. But then that's wonderkids like Skream for you:


LDP è un gruppo di sperimentazione artistica e tecnologica, nato a Bologna nel 2000, formato da Mirko Arcese e Luca Biada. Ogni apparizione in pubblico dei due Pesados è da sempre contraddistinta da questo spirito: cambiare punto di vista per scorgere nuove porte da aprire.
Il freestyle come forma di pensiero.
I LosDosPesados sono da sempre pionieri nella creazione di nuove forme di intrattenimento e di strumenti innovativi per generare contenuti audiovisivi.

bio MUSH
Marco was born in 1985. He started to play with music in 2001 when he bought his first Drum Machine. After a degree in Audio Engineer & Electronic Music Production his passion become work and he accumulate various "audio" experiences. Lover of all kind of electronic music,grew up with the Hip Hop culture,now he produce Ghetto Bass under the a.k.a of "MUSH" and he's gonna be released on various labels.....stay tuned !!!



DIONEA è il visual artist che infiamma le notti psichedeliche della capitale e produce assieme a PRXS il progetto STAKANOVISMO. Collabora attivamente con il PRE - Post Romantic Empire, Lou Chano (AMBOSS - TRIPS und TRAUME), Electro Art, WIERD Party Roma, Evilsound.
"Un bagno di luce, prima della rivelazione".


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